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Software Manuals

These online manuals are nearly identical to the printed manuals that accompanied software products sold by Invisible Software. Each manual is supplied in Portable Document Format, and is zipped to reduce the download time. To read the manual, you need an Acrobat Reader. Please visit Adobe's Web page to download a free copy of Acrobat Reader.

Invisible LAN Operating System Manuals

Invisible LAN: Getting Started (for DOS and Windows 3.X) -- This manual tells you how to get your Invisible LAN software up and running quickly, for DOS or Windows 3.X. (NTG.ZIP, 220K, 50 pages.)

Invisible LAN: Installation (for DOS and Windows 3.X) -- Complete documentation of all installation options for Invisible LAN, when used with DOS or Windows 3.X. Covers both basic and advanced installations, including all memory management features. Also describes how to configure Ultra Server. (NTI.ZIP, 787K, 208 pages.)

Invisible LAN: DOS User Manual -- How to use Invisible LAN at the DOS command line. This manual covers both command-line utilities and the menu-driven network manager. Also describes how to control Ultra Server. (NTD.ZIP, 694K, 210 pages.)

Invisible LAN: Windows 3.X User Manual -- How to use Invisible LAN in Windows 3.X. This manual describes the graphical Windows network manager, as well as how to use Windows 3.X in a network environment. (NTW.ZIP, 951K, 186 pages.)

Invisible LAN: Windows 95 User Manual -- How to use Invisible LAN in Windows 95. This manual covers installation and setup, network browsing, device mapping, network printers, property pages, security, troubleshooting, and advanced configuration. (NT95.ZIP, 555K, 51 pages.)

Other Software Manuals

Invisible LAN Remote -- Instruction manual for the Invisible LAN Remote add-on, which allows a workstation to log in to the network through a modem. (NTR.ZIP, 133K, 34 pages.)

Invisible RAM 386 (for DOS) -- Instruction manual for the Invisible RAM 386 software, which is a memory manager for 386, 486, and Pentium based computers. This memory manager works only with DOS. (CPMAN.ZIP, 287K, 122 pages.)

Invisible Control (for DOS) -- Instruction manual for the Invisible Control software, which is remote-control software that runs on NetBIOS-compatible networks. This software works only with DOS. (IC.ZIP, 185K, 72 pages.)


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