Invisible Software

Invisible Control for Windows 95/98/Me


Invisible Control gives you "remote control" over text-based programs running on other computers. Invisible Control uses the network to send screen images and keystrokes from one computer to another.

When you control a program running on another computer, the program appears in a window on your own computer. The window shows you the program's (text-based) screen, and your keystrokes are sent to the program. This is similar to the way that text-based programs running on your own computer can appear in an MS-DOS Prompt window.

The remote computer can be running MS-DOS, Windows 3.x, or Windows 95/98/Me. If the remote computer is running MS-DOS or Windows 3.x, then the text-based program must be an MS-DOS application. If the remote computer is running Windows 95/98/Me, then the text-based program can be either an MS-DOS application or a console application.

Your computer must be running Windows 95/98/Me.

All the computers must be running the Invisible LAN operating system version 4.00K.


  1. Click here to download ICW95.ZIP (568K).
  2. Make a directory on your hard disk and unzip ICW95.ZIP into it.
  3. Run the SETUP program to install the Invisible Control software.


There is a Windows help file included with the software. The help file contains full documentation for the program.


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