Invisible Software

Invisible RAM
Version 4.00K


Invisible RAM is memory management software for DOS. It does not support Windows. Depending on the capabilities of your memory hardware, the Invisible RAM software can do three things for you:

Invisible RAM includes seven different memory managers. The most commonly used memory manager is Invisible RAM 386, which can run on any 386-, 486-, or Pentium-based computer. The other six memory managers exploit special memory hardware that was built in to many old 286- and 386-based computers.

Invisible RAM is an add-on to the Invisible LAN operating system. Before installing Invisible RAM, you must install the Invisible LAN operating system.


  1. Click here to download INVRAM.ZIP (123K).
  2. Unzip INVRAM.ZIP directly into your NET30 disk directory. (The NET30 directory is the directory where the Invisible LAN operating system is installed.) For example, with PKUNZIP you could use the following command:

        PKUNZIP  -d  INVRAM  C:\NET30\

    Notice the -d parameter. This tells PKUNZIP to use the subdirectory information in the ZIP file.


Our On-Line Manuals section contains two manuals that describe Invisible RAM. The "Invisible LAN Installation" manual explains how to use SETUP30 (the Invisible LAN setup program) to install and configure Invisible RAM. Also, the "Invisible RAM 386" manual describes the Invisible RAM 386 memory manager.

There are two text files included in the README subdirectory that give additional information. INVRAM.TXT explains how to install Invisible RAM in your CONFIG.SYS file. ERRORS3.TXT is a comprehensive list of error messages.


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