Invisible Software

Invisible LAN Operating System
for Windows Me
Version 4.00K


This is the Windows Me version of the Invisible LAN Operating System. The actual software is the same as the Windows 95/98 version of Invisible LAN, but the setup procedure has been changed so that it installs properly under Windows Me. Also, the documentation has been updated for Windows Me.

The Windows Me version supports almost any Ethernet or Token Ring board that has a Windows Me protected-mode driver. This includes boards manufactured by Invisible Software, and boards manufactured by other companies.

This software includes support for all released builds of Windows 95 and Windows 98, in addition to supporting Windows Me.

The Invisible LAN operating system has many features, including:

Instructions -- For A New Installation

If you want to set up a new installation of the Invisible LAN Operating System for Windows Me, do this:

  1. Click here to download ILME.ZIP (252K).
  2. Make a directory on your hard disk and unzip ILME.ZIP into it.
  3. Follow the instructions in the enclosed 95SETUP.TXT text file.

Note to long-time Invisible LAN users: The setup procedures for Windows Me are different than in earlier versions of Windows 95/98. Be sure to read 95SETUP.TXT for instructions.

Instructions -- To Upgrade

With Windows Me (unlike Windows 95/98), it is not possible to directly upgrade the Invisible LAN software. You have to uninstall your old Invisible LAN software, and then install the new Invisible LAN software as if it were a new installation. Complete instructions can be found in 95SETUP.TXT.


Our On-Line Manuals section contains the "Invisible LAN Windows 95 User Manual". This manual can be used for Windows Me installations, although some parts of the manual are out of date..

The software includes the following text files which give additional information. These files have been updated for Windows Me.

In addition, our Support FAQ section contains answers to many frequently asked questions.


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