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Invisible LAN products are now on the Web! All of our Invisible LAN software, instruction manuals, and technical support information is available right here on our web site, free of charge. If you're an Invisible LAN user, you'll find everything you need to upgrade, expand, and maintain your network.

For many years we sold the Invisible LAN software, along with Ethernet boards and other network hardware. But the market for stand-alone network products started to evaporate when Microsoft put free built-in networking into Windows 95/98. At the same time, we reached a natural end-point in the development of the product. Invisible LAN is very reliable, is simple to install and operate, and has all the features that our users wanted. In short, there wasn't much more we could do with it.

We're very proud of the Invisible LAN products we developed, the business we built around them, and the service we provided to our customers. But we had to make the sad decision to stop developing Invisible LAN, and move on to other things. So now, Invisible LAN lives on only in this web site, and in our hearts.

We would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to all of our customers, dealers, distributors, and value-added resellers.

What's Available?

Invisible Control for Windows 95/98/Me. Invisible Control is "remote control" software, which lets you control text-based programs running on other computers in the network. Your computer must be running Windows 95/98/Me, but the other computers can be running DOS, Windows 3.X, or Windows 95/98/Me. You'll find it in our Software Products section

Software Upgrades. Upgrades for the Invisible LAN software are available, free of charge, in our Software Products section. You'll find version 4.00K of the Invisible LAN operating system for DOS, Windows 3.X, and Windows 95/98, and other software products.

Instruction Manuals. Instruction manuals for Invisible LAN hardware and software can be found in our On-Line Manuals section.

Technical Support. We have compiled this archive web site where you can find a huge amount of information about Invisible LAN products. Answers to many frequently asked questions are available in our Support FAQ section. Our Utilities and Patches section contains utility programs, setup programs, drivers, and patches. Sorry, we can't respond to questions by phone, email, etc.

Installing, Expanding, and Servicing Networks. Our Software Products section contains the software you need to add additional computers to your existing Invisible LAN network, or to install new Invisible LAN networks. We cannot supply any more Invisible LAN hardware, but the software works with hardware available from other sources. Our Service section. has information on buying boards, and a list of former Invisible LAN resellers.

Site Directory. Check out our Site Directory for a map of what's available on our web site.

How to Contact Us. If you need to contact us, go to our Contact Information Section.

Windows Versions Supported

Windows XP. Sorry, Invisible LAN will never work with Windows XP.

Windows NT/2000. Sorry, Invisible LAN will never work with Windows NT or Windows 2000.

Windows Me (Posted 02/04/01). There is a new version of Invisible LAN for Windows Me. You can download it from our Software Products section under "Invisible LAN for Windows Me." Also, we've expanded our Support FAQ section to include information on Windows Me.

Windows 98 Second Edition (Posted 12/30/99). There is a patch available to make Invisible LAN work with Windows 98 Second Edition. You can download the patch from our Utilities and Patches section under "Software Patches and Utilities," or from our Software Products section under "Invisible LAN for Windows 95 and 98."

Windows 95/98 (Posted 03/01/98). Our upgraded Revision K software works with all versions of Windows 95 and Windows 98. You'll find the upgrade in our Software Products section, where it appears as "Invisible LAN for Windows 95 and 98."

A Final Thank-You

Please accept thanks, best wishes, and HAPPY NEW MILLENNIUM from Vincent, Michael, Regina, Esther, and everyone else associated with Invisible Software.

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