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Invisible LANInvisible Software
Utilities and Patches

Here are utility programs, setup programs, drivers, and patches for your Invisible LAN hardware and software.

Hardware Setup and Configuration Programs -- Programs to set up and configure your Invisible LAN network hardware. These programs include:

  • Setup programs for the following software-configurable Ethernet adapters: 2000S, 2000JA, 2000JC, 2000JT, 2000RA, 2000RC, 2000PXA, and 2000PXC.
  • Setup and activation program for the Ethernet PCMCIA adapters.
  • Adapter description files (ADF files) for setting up Micro Channel network boards.

Hardware Patch Programs -- These programs let you use the Invisible LAN operating system with additional types of network hardware. The programs include:

  • Support for Realtek 8029-based PCI Ethernet adapters.
  • Support for Plug-and-Play NE2000 compatible Ethernet adapter.
  • Updated drivers for DEC 21140-based PCI Ethernet adapters.

Hardware Drivers for Other Operating Systems -- These drivers let you use your Invisible LAN network adapters with other operating systems. Includes Windows 95 drivers for Invisible Ethernet PCMCIA adapters.

Software Patches and Utilities -- These programs are used with the Invisible LAN operating system to fix compatibility problems, fix bugs, or add additional functions. Includes a network clock program for Windows 95 and 98, and the patch for Windows 98 Second Edition.


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